A word about us…

About Rob Reed

I own and design the baseball-related websites BaseballGeeks.com and PlayerTrack.com.  By day, I am a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA.  BUT, I would prefer to do nothing else in life but talk about and analyze baseball.

I have participated in Fantasy Baseball in various incarnations since 1993.  In roto baseball, I just plain ******.  So in early 2005, with the help of my wife, I decided to create a ranking system that would rank baseball players based upon the various fantasy stat categories AGAINST each other.

I determined that past success was a key indicator of future performance.  And, my theory worked.  I had never finished in the top 4 of my roto league until I created this system.  Yet, on May 16, 2005 (just as I was to lose Vlad Guerrero to that shoulder injury when he slid into home AND Mark Prior), my team took first place, and I never was caught.

So good was this system, last year, that I spent the second least money in moves.  The team that spent less was the team that came in last place.

PlayerTrack is, admittedly, very controversial, as you will see in our future PlayerTrack Top 10 posts.  I definitely need another year to see if I can match my 2005 success… in which case, you will have to declare me a freakin’ baseball genius. šŸ˜‰

BaseballGeeks.com is my baseball news labor of love. It is very much like Fark.com — only with baseball being the subject matter.  It is a free service, and it is entirely user supported.  Please join us!

About Gregg Keer

Gregg is an educator, "dad expert" (he is a dad consultant and runs the website familymanonline.com), writer, and baseball geek.  In truth, he is the "brains" behind our podcast operation because (and I am only admitting this way down the page, in hopes that Gregg won’t see this confession) he knows a lot more about baseball than I do.

He also has a better radio/podcast voice… but I digress.

We hope that this blog will serve as a starting point for discussions about the PlayerTrack ranking system and our podcast.  We will, in fact, reference comments made here in our podcasts (even the bad ones, which would probably be more interesting, anyway).




  1. Steve

    Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m “Mr. Nez, Fantasy Commish” I just created my blog. Visit it if you have a chance. So far, not too many comments have been posted. Let’s form a fantasy league or something..Maybe we can work in conjunction somehow…
    Mr.Nez, Fantasy Commish

  2. Rob

    Hi, Nez… we’d appreciate your comments on our podcast. Any ideas for improvement?

    We’re pretty much tapped out with fantasy leagues, but I think there is still openings in the “regulars” league at askrotoman.com (I’m in that one).

    Chat at ya soon…


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