Photoshop Jeromy Burnitz and win a PlayerTrack subscription!

Photoshop Jeromy Burnitz looking to be hitting an extreme foul ball.

The moderators will judge the best entry, and we will award the winner a one-year subscription to the fantasy baseball player ranking site

Post your photoshopped images at this link

Guests can post, but we’ll need to know the name you have registered (or will be registering) at PlayerTrack.  Registration at PlayerTrack and BaseballGeeks is free.

If you have difficulty posting up your images, let us know.  The basic command is: &img-URL-img& (don’t forget the hyphens!).  if you need a web host for your pic, look at (free service).

DEADLINE TO POST YOUR PHOTOSHOPPED IMAGE IN THE BASEBALLGEEKS THREAD: FEBRUARY 10, 2006.  Click the Burnitz photo to the right to see the full original version.


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