The Top 10 Reasons to Watch the World Baseball Classic

10. How else would we have found out that Danny Haren is not from the Netherlands?

9. With two players per team being randomly tested for performance enhancing drugs, the Major Leagues can determine who to immediately test now from the list of those players who drop out

8. We can find out, earlier than expected, whether Pedro Martinez’ super shoe (with toe protector) works.

7. Camera pans of beautiful, exotic Latin and Asian women in the bleachers.  Com’on, ladies!  The female soccer fans of Brazil cannot hold a candle to you!  Show us your mitts!

6. The potential meltdown by George Steinbrenner if one of his players gets hurt will be more entertaining than a meltdown by a fundamentalist who mistakenly walks into a showing of Brokeback Mountain, thinking it is the Chronicles of Narnia

5. “Reading,” “reviewing,” and “re-reviewing” of the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue should only take another two weeks, give or take a few boxes of Kleenex

4. $249 dollar USA jerseys of Mike Timlin

3. Ken Griffey, Jr. can increase his chances of ripping up a hamstring a month ahead of schedule.

2. The World Baseball Classic Office Pool: March Madness can get a little “madder,” allowing millions of American workers yet another reason to blow off work in the name of sports gambling

…and, Remember that itching desire for competitive baseball that doesn’t get quenched when a 19-year-old fourth-string minor leaguer is playing second base for your favorite team during Spring Training?

1. Finally, something to scratch the itch!

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