BaseballGeeks PodCast #7: Hot Out of the Oven

This week’s show: Spring Training; USA World Baseball Classic Team; AL West Predictions; Yankees Report with Yankees Chick; Top 10 PlayerTrack Closers; False Rumors

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    Hey guys, enjoyed the podcast…more great stuff. I would pump up the volume on subsequent ones, though…could barely hear it. Enjoy spring…


  2. eric

    yeah i couldnt hear it at all. so I went off of your playertracker and decided Id get Lopez late, and drafting 11th I drafted a monster team against a bunch of people who must not get it:

    1b-Helton (Sweeney)

    2b-Utley ~took him at 14!

    3b-Rolen ~only risk


    OF-Bay ~still there at 11!

    OF-Holliday ~way late, 7th

    OF-Hermida (Hunter)


    no true burner-but about 100 SBs i figure, pitching looks weaker, but I got great value for when I drafted them-



    RP-Wagner (mets, not Reds)




    P-Kazmir, Escobar, Liriano, Cabrera

    Linebrink and Duchsherer were taken for the ‘cheap’ wins and ERA, WHIP help, again I hope your PlayerTrack accurately reflected their value. I think it might be off based on number off IPs, example- Linebrinks 1. WHIP only affects the teams WHIP total half as much as Lackeys 1.33 since he pitches roughly half as many innings.

    if Im on pace to be way under max IPs I’ll grab a SP off waivers (chacin, seo both available for now)

    obviously I drafted vs. some dummies, but I wouldve taken **** much earlier and missed out on Helton or Hafner. Im just lucky Lopez was still there, now I hope your data is right!

    -the cheap seats

  3. Rob

    Two starters on the Angels. You didn’t hear my prediction about them in this week’s podcast, apparently. šŸ™‚

    You picked ELEVENTH, and you got Utley, Lopez, Helton, Rolen, Bay, Hafner, Hermida, and Holliday?

    You are perfectly balanced in all categories here. Your SBs might not be the top, but you will be middle of the pack, easily, there… and probably top of the pack in most of the other offensive cats.

    I would be hoping for more HRs from Helton. If this happens, I think you’re golden.

    Your pitching is lacking. My prediction (and suggestion if the prediction comes through):

    I think Hermida is going to breakout at the start of the season BIG time, and then I expect a drop off.

    If this happens, trade him for a good starting pitcher come mid May.

    Remember that PlayerTrack is all about what players did LAST season. Your starting pitching is a bit too youthful, but if this is the team that PlayerTrack helped you draft, I’m feeling like a genius right now. šŸ™‚

    Good luck, and thanks for the post.

  4. eric

    i tried to hear the podcast! volume was screwy! anyway, yeah there was some serious weak links in the draft, so i had to keep taking the offensive players and missed out on pitching, i think it’ll be a four horse race out west myself all the way through september. Escobars k/9 made me take him, and Lackey was the 16th best starter on my own little draft cheat sheet.
    well taker easy dudes.

  5. Rob

    Honestly, I think Lackey and Escobar are going to be the brightest spots on the Angels (oh yah, and Guerrero), so I think you did good there.

    Regarding podcast volume, there should be a volume switch in the blog post. I just listened to the first portion and the sound seemed fine… Hmmm… anyone else having problems?

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