BaseballGeeks PodCast 7 reaches 1000 listeners

Gregg, Jaydawg, and I just wanted to take time out to thank our BaseballGeeks users and BaseballGeeks Podcast listeners for their support, and for helping us get the word out.

As of this morning, Podcast #7 hit over 1000 individual listens, which is about 300 over our recent average.

We have gotten to #27 in the top sports podcasts on Itunes.

Please continue to spread the word if you like our site and our podcast, and — as always — if you have any suggestions for improvement, we are always open to criticism.

podcast[at]baseballgeeks[dot]com is our email… and we can be skyped at baseballgeeks

Your support is very much appreciated.

Our next podcast will be recorded tomorrow, where we will discuss current issues from, the PlayerTrack top 10 Fantasy outfielders of 2005, the NL East, and another segment of our false rumors quiz.


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