Okay, Fantasy Geeks… I need help

I had my first draft of the season tonight.  The Rotoman’s Regular’s League, where the pressure is on for  me, as I advertised PlayerTrack in Rotoman’s 2006 Fantasy Magazine.

Unfortunately, I was randomly selected to draft 13th in a 20 team league.  This is about the worst place you can start.  And, it shows.

So, at the risk of complete embarassment, I am posting this up for comments and ideas for improvement.  Any given daily roster can only have one of each infield position, three outfielders, 2 SPs, and I think one RP.

Lots of gambles here, and it was really garbage time at the end of the draft.

C: Joe Mauer
1B: Mike Jacobs
2B: Felipe Lopez
3B: Chipper Jones
SS: JJ Hardy
OF: Bobby Abreu
OF: J.D. Drew
OF: Jay Payton
UTIL: Mark Loretta
BN: Ryan Church
BN: Orlando Hudson
BN: Carl Everett
SP: Roy Oswalt
SP: Jon Garland
RP: Mike Gonzalez
RP: Scot Shields
P: Justin Duchscherer
P: Adam Eaton
P: Jarrod Washburn
BN: Yhency Brazoban

Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP


Clearly, in saves, I am a dead man (for now).  And, without one of the big guys in SBs, I am middle of the pack there, at best.  Ideas for improvement?

Click here to read the Live Blog of the draft from earlier this evening…



  1. eric

    man i wish i could have told you in time that Lopez had both 2b and ss eligibility in yahoo leagues, you could have taken a better bat over Hardy, knowing you could slide loretta to the 4, Lopez at the 6 and grabbed a DH type for the Util position. Eaton and Everett are both on my DO NOT DRAFT list this year. You might be better off with O Dog and Lopez and getting rid of Hardy with the first sniff of interest. How late did OFs like Brian Anderson, Matt Murton and Curtis Granderson go? What about Hermida? Im trying to feel out where they are going in other leagues.

  2. Rob

    Hi Eric:

    I know Lopez has that eligibility. The glitch with the draft software is that when I drafted him at SS, it put him at 2B.

    Re: Hardy — 8 HRs and over .300 post All-Star Break, FYI.

    In a 20 team league, you really cannot live by a “do not draft” list, as much as I would like. I like Eaton’s team. There really weren’t any pitchers left worthy of note, so I went with the best one available on the best team.

    I am posting the draft results, so you can spot how prospects were drafted.

  3. elephunkadelic@yahoo.com

    Drop Jurassic Carl, O-Dog, and Yhency Brazoban, for Todd Coffey, Chris Duffy, and Jack Wilson. And keep an eye on Craig Hansen. If Foulke isn’t hot, the Sox will dump him, so to speak, in a heartbeat for Hansen.

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