Baseball Manager 2006

I am so pleased to see that Major League Baseball has affiliated with my favorite head to head fantasy baseball game.

This will be my 14th season of BBM.  It first was developed by a company (I believe Trout Software) for the old Prodigy service (you remember that, right?).

When it comes to head to head action, there is no better.  You get daily headlines like the one at right.  You play a 162 game season, with multiple 3 game series’ against your 9 other opponents.

You control line-ups, you control pitchers, and the previous night’s stats are used to determine the next morning’s game results.

Some like to grab a newspaper and their cup of coffee before they go to work.  I like to grab my virtual BBM newspaper and that cup of coffee.  Beware, however.  Sometimes my entire days start crappy solely based on my morning’s result.

It is pricey, and the prizes for winning the league (there are two winners — one for the best record of the regular season; and a championship prize for the winner among the top 4 teams in a head to head playoff using random stats from the regular season) are kind of crappy (last few seasons has been a pennant — the best prizes were when it first started… I have two printed baseballs in my manroomcave that say: "1994 Regular Season BBM Champ" and "1994 Playoff BBM Champ.").  I love these balls more than my Ramon Martinez and Raul Mondesi autographed balls (well, that isn’t saying much, I understand, but I still love these BBM balls a lot).

If you sign up now, before March 12th, you get a $15 discount for Ultimate BBM… $74.95.  There is a pricier keeper league option (I have never done this).

We have a core group that I have played with for the last decade.  The first day of BBM sign-ups is like an annual holiday for us.


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