BaseballGeeks PodCast #9

This week’s show: Spring Training news; Introducing Bobby O’Malley; AL Central predictions; PlayerTrack top 10 Starting Pitchers of 2005; False Rumors

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  1. eric

    that guys was freaking insane! pretty funny though, favorite all-time player, Roy Hobbs? Kerry Wood, 30 wins 115 mph? holy crow, what a loon.

    Did you guys know that the AL Central never won the wildcard since its inception? Well, this is the year, Sox or Tribe. 2nd place in the division gets in the post-season.

    Tigers-Verlander and Zumaya are both going to be good for Detroit, but not immedietely. Granderson lit up the prep section of the Chicago papers in his youth, he might be the real deal. I like Detroit, but Cleveland and Chicago are elite.

    ‘The Sox are so much improved’ seems to be a widespread belief. But they added only Vazquez. Sure the rotation is sweet. Super sweet actually. Although Brandon McCarthy didnt throw a single first pitch strike the other day(seemed like it anyway). They are a man down in the pen, losing marte(and vizcaino). B. Anderson can supplant Rowand I believe, and his 2 HR you mentioned were both against Felix Hernandez. Gotta like that. I think they paid too much for Thome, as hes not really an upgrade over thomas as i mentioned here.

    I still stand by my Sox as a first place team, but all this hype as the favorite is pretty foriegn territory for us Sox fans. I think I might have to call you guys, talk some ball or maybe give a White Sox update when I get back from spring training(22nd-27th).

    Give your listeners a little credibility, and to get my message out to the hundreds of thousands of listeners, as long as my mom doesnt have the tv on too loud…

    oh and SPs, guys like Pettitte and Myers you gotta think are going to slide back towards their career averages.

  2. Rob

    Expect Mr. O’Malley to be a regular feature… and if I can get him to start a blog, even cooler. 🙂

    An interesting stat as it relates to the wildcard (in addition to your fact): did you know that the Red Sox have been the wildcard team 5 of the 11 years that a wildcard has been in existence?

    Re: Thome vs. Thomas — Thome is 2 years younger and he has been better than Thomas the last four years.

    Would love a recorded report from you on the WhiteSox when you get back.

    Re: Pettitte and Myers… Gregg agrees you regarding Pettitte. I don’t. I think Pettitte will have another great year.

    I think Myers, on the other hand, will tank.

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