I’m lost without USAStats

As most of you fantasy nerds are aware, USAStats sold off to AllStar stats earlier this year.  Try as I might, I just don’t like the look and feel of AllStar stats.  I was very used to the look and feel of USAStats…

So, I am putting it to the fantasy folks who read mlblogs… any suggestions?  We have a 33 player roster (11 on a farm squad), and Yahoo won’t let you have more than 30.  Sportsline is an option, but I used it last year in another league, and I wasn’t a big fan.

Any other sites?



  1. mjnmusic@gmail.com

    Try Custom Stats. Just moved my league there. Spent two days at allstar..it was horrible. Custom stats was at least accomodating and i actually got to speak to someone who actually works there
    alot like bill meyer, Give it a try.

  2. Rob

    Hi mjnmusic:

    Thanks for that. This is exactly where we went.

    I have to tell you, though, that as time goes on, I don’t like the interface. And, I have gotten some complaints from a number of league members.

    What bothered me most about All-Star stats is that it took more steps to get to our ******* fantasy page than I felt was necessary.

    USAStats allowed us to link directly from our league page (allowing me to create a small form that would enter the name and pass for the manager, and the manager would get to out standings page with one click).

    It is good to hear you didn’t like AllStar stats, so that I can relay that to our league members who complain. Thanks.

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