Bonds on Bonds

Okay, I finally sat down with my Tivo and watched last week’s show and tonight’s. A few observations.
Barry Bonds is one of my favorite all time players. I can forgive him for loving and playing on that lousy team up north.

The show, in my view, shows a very likeable side of the guy. I like that.

Still, if anyone has an immense hatred for the guy, I don’t think it will change anything.

If you watched tonight’s episode (episode 2), it became VERY clear to me that the TRADE BARRY Topps sign was, in some part, set-up by the producers of this show, as I suspected, and I’m a bit ticked off by that.

Why do I think that?

The ESPN cameras were there for the entire putting up and taking down of the sign… and then the putting up of the new Topps sign. At the very least, they were tipped off… and what would the incentive for Topps be to tip them off? Exposure, certainly… but something tells me some payola changed hands. Perhaps ESPN even paid for the adverts?


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