Your Turn: How would you respond?

New idea here.  We will post a fantasy question that we have received, include our email response… and you add your own suggestion or critique.

Today’s email:

Tyler asks: "I was proposed a trade in which i get Todd
Helton and Brian Roberts for David Ortiz. Would you do this or is Ortiz
too valuable to give up?"

Rob replies:

"Speaking for Gregg, I can tell you that he would put up the red flag.

I would probably take some time to think about this versus what my needs are.

I really like both Helton and Roberts.  Helton had an amazing
second half last year.  He will get you great AVG, and he will be
solid in all categories.  Roberts had a horrific second half last
year compared to his first.  Still, my player ranking system at has him rated as the #1 2B in 2005 fantasy 5×5 (even
ahead of Utley).  This is in large part to the 27 SBs (I think
that is right) he got last year.  I still believe that Roberts
will be a top 5 fantasy 2B when the season is over.

If you need SBs, this is probably a good deal for you.  Ortiz, in
my view, was even more valuable without a signed extension to his
contract.  One has to wonder if the 30-year old could get a little
lax with this new, hefty $50,000,000 extension.

In the end, Ortiz is so good in all cats but SBs, that it would be hard
for me to give him up, even considering the above analysis.  This
is especially true because the season is still so young, and I would
want to take advantage of the HR barrage I can get from Ortiz.

Final analysis (and I am including Gregg’s projected thoughts here): stay put."

Your thoughts?


On 4/12/06, Tyler Mintz <> wrote:


I was proposed a trade in which i get Todd\nHelton and Brian Roberts for David Ortiz. Would you do this or is Ortiz\ntoo valuable to give up?


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One comment

  1. Tom

    All of Roberts big numbers were put up in the first half (mostly yht first month) of last year. Even before he was hurt, his numbers dropped off a lot from that initial burst in April. After he got hurt, he has not fully recovered. After 10 days he has still not gone deep or stolen a base.

    Discount him heavily in your trade talks.

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