Your Turn: Fantasy Question of the Day

Chris P. from Chicago, asks:
Hey Guys,
I had asked many questions, and I thank you for your input. Fortunately, I’ve been extremely active since our draft, and I’ve shored up some major weaknesses. After the draft my core SP’s were Smoltz and Bonderman, and my starting 3B was Garciaparra. Though I’ve lost Matsui and some depth at CL, I’ve parlayed these trades into what I now think is a very competitive roster.
Anyways, my question is… Do you see any holes/situations I should be keeping my eye on? It’s extremely early, but I want to avoid playing catch-up later.

PS – Sorry for all the information, but I just wanted to be as understandable as possible. I hope I made it easy to look at, and I’m sorry to make you guys see yet another complete roster listing.

10×10 Mixed 12-Team Daily Yahoo! Rotisserie League
Extra Categories…
Hitting (1B, 2B, 3B, BB, K)
Pitching (L, CG, BB, Holds, WHIP)
C/1B/2B/SS/3B/OF/OF/OF/UT = 162
5 SP/5 RP = 1475 Max IP
C – M. Barrett
1B – T. Helton
2B – C. Utley
SS – M. Young
3B – C. Jones (DL)
OF – L. Berkman
OF – J. Pierre
OF – C. Granderson
UT – T. Glaus
Bench – B. Molina
Bench – J. Hermida
Bench – W. Pena

SP – R. Halladay
SP – J. Schmidt
SP – J. Smoltz
SP – J. Bonderman
SP – K. Wood (DL)
SP – J. Blanton
RP – H. Street
RP – T. Jones (DL)
RP – S. Linebrink
RP – J. Duscherer
RP – F. Rodney
Bench – K. Calero
Bench – S. Kline

Rob’s response:

This is a good squad. The problem, as I am sure you know, is injury
risk. I also think you are one starter away from greatness, which is
an opinion that I am wrong about if Jason Schmidt can return to his
old ways (and I don’t think this will happen).

I might try and shop Schmidt to the highest bidder if his next outing
is a really good one. I imagine Gregg would disagree with me here
because he has Schmidt in our money league. 🙂

Obviously, you have to fill your 3B spot with Glaus now… and I would
probably put Hermida in the UT spot because I think he is due, until
Jones comes back.

May Halladay, Glaus, Berkman, Chipper, and Wood stay/get healthy for
you, and good luck!




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