On Bonds and Race…

This is my comment on MC Hammer’s blog regarding Bonds and race… figured I would repost here.  Comments?


Appreciate your acknowledgment of how far we have come as a country with regards to race.

I know you don’t agree with my next statement, though: the trouble Bonds is having has nothing to do with race.

Danny Glover said it did last night on the Bonds on Bonds reality show. I believe you said it did in one of your last blgo entries. I know Barry Bonds says it has a lot to do with his color.

Do you think any network on the East Coast would have given Hank Aaron his own reality show in 1974?


Not a chance.

Then, there is the issue: when did Hammerin’ Hank become white?

Bottom line: you p’o the press, and they’ll get you back.

You pose with Victor Conte in some supplement ads, and you’re going to get accused of doing ‘roids. And, you’re going to face a lot of backlash by opposing team’s fans.

Still, I am a proud Dodger fan AND a Barry Bonds fan (believe it or not).

I have often pointed out that Jeremy Giambi (a confessed steroid user) could never hit 50 HRs in a season, let alone 73… no matter if he takes enough steroid to kill an elephant.

And, I am rooting for Bonds to get to 756.

But, I also recognize that Barry has made his bed. So, like anyone else (black, white, whatever) he has to sleep in it.


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