Help us Advertise the podcast, and get a tank of gas!

Alright, let’s face it… $50 can’t buy you much anymore… but Gregg and I make no money in this venture of love, but we are looking to gain new listeners. So, as we make no money on this and as we are cheapskates, we are announcing a “DESIGN YOUR OWN BASEBALLGEEKS PODCAST T-SHIRT” contest.
Design your own t-shirt, wear it at a Major League Baseball game, and email us a photograph of you wearing that shirt AT a game, and you are entered into the contest (and could potentially win the $50 prize).

Winner will be decided by Gregg, BaseballGeeks moderator Jaydawg, and myself…

Deadline: July 1, 2006.

Email photos to: podcast[at]baseballgeeks[dot]com

If you haven’t, check out our podcast… we appreciate all comments and criticisms. How can we improve? What would you like to see included? What bored the heck out of you?

Thanks for reading!


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