Mailbag: Certified Hand Therapist has some words on Sheffield

My name is Chris. I am a Certified Hand Therapist, baseball fan and fantasy participant. In other words, I have some idea regarding Sheffields injury and potential for return this season. Mark this time and date; He is done for fantasy value this year.I had him stashed on my bench until a few weeks ago; if you need room on your roster, let him go. Even if he does come back, he will not help you in fantasy. The cold fall in NYC is no place for an orthopaedic injury.
I enjoy the podcast and would like to offer my services in helping you in any way; I have the background in sports injuries and baseball to shed some light on many, if not all of the Upper Extremity ailments you hear about i.e. Tommy John surgery, broken thumbs, fingers ect.
P.S. I would also write of Matsui, he will be back but not until later Sept. And again, the cold in NYC in the fall will slow him down from back to back games.

My response:

Hey Chris:

I will mark this date down, 🙂 For now, I’m going to hang on to Sheffield, solely for the last two weeks that he MIGHT play in September. If I did not have Kendry Morales on my farm team, I would have probably dumped Sheffield to get Shin-Soo Choo. But, I must admit that it is hard for me to give up the one player who I spent the most on this year ($35).

I am hanging on to Derrek Lee, not expecting him to come back this season, but I can keep him for $22 for next year.

Thanks for your comments.

We would love to read any writings from you about injuries. You might want to consider starting a free blog at on the subject. We would reference you often, I am sure. If you need help setting a blog up, let me know… but you can find instructions on the site when you sign up (for free).

Thanks again for your comments, and good luck in the rest of the fantasy season,

Your opinions?


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