On par with Kirk Gibson?

Last night’s Dodger 11-10 victory over the previously "first place" Padres (shudder… it hurts me to type that!) may go down as one of the top 10 games in Los Angeles Dodger (or the entire franchise, for that matter, back to the Trolley Dodgers) history…

…or, it could just be one of the forgotten.  Time will tell.

And, time will tell if it will be remembered if the Dodgers can parlay the momentum from this exciting finish into a playoff entrance.

Da Bums spend their next six games at home against the lowly Pittsburh Pirates and the respectable Diamondbacks.  They then go to Coors Field (which seems to be no big deal anymore, what with the humidifiers), and then end off the season against the hated ones, in what will be the most important series of the season (as the Giants would just love to knock the Dodgers out).

Still, it wil be the Diamondbacks that decide the NL West.  They play SIX games against the Padres, three at home.  The Pads also see Pittsburgh at San Diego for three.  Fortunately for the Dodgers, the Padres bigger hurdle will be the Cardinals at St. Louis for 3; unfortunately for the Dodgers, the Cards aren’t likely to play with their best, considering that — barring some sort of tragedy like an Albert Pujols pulled hammy — the Cards should have solidifed the Central by that time.

Grady Little was quoted as saying that the Dodgers need to go 9-4 the rest of the way (before last night’s game)…   one game is out of the way.  So, Grady thinks the Dodgers need to play .750 ball the rest of the way.  I say: .500 ball for the Dodgers the rest of the way is good enough.  Time will tell.

Last night’s game deserves to be remembered.  It is the type of game that you see in the most classic of World Series win highlight videos.

I know, I know.  Wishful thinking.  But it HAS been 18 ******* years, believe it or not.


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