PlayerTrack Report for 5/15/07

Well, we are approximately a quarter through the season, and using,I will be providing our faithful listeners/readers with some "under the
radar" and "sell high-buy low" picks in hitting and pitching each time
I do a PlayerTrack update.

Under the Radar

Hunter: sure, he is no sleeper, but would you be surprised to learn
that he currently ranks #2 of ALL players in 5×5, just behind Arod as
of 5/15?

Edgar Renteria: continues his excellent fantasy play with a 2 HR game yesterday

B.J. Upton: drops 4 spots from the end of April, but he still looks fantastic, and his value may not be appreciated yet

Adam Dunn: 6 SBs?  And a .271 average?

Byrnes: A Gregg Keer favorite, and he is proving why so far this year,
rising in the rankings 16 spots since the end of April

Mike Lowell: Surprisingly looking like the guy everybody wanted when he was in Florida a few years ago…

Ted Lilly: rises in the rankings 2 spots as the third best 5×5 pitcher in all of baseball so far

Jason Marquis: what the heck are they feeding the Cubs’ pitchers?

Hill: rises 4 spots in the rankings since the end of April, and sits in
the top 20, but unfortunately, he has some injury woes and will likely
miss quite a lot of time in the near future

Hendrickson: Top 20 so far… saw him pitch against the Brewers a few
weeks ago, and I have to tell you he looked very good out there…

Claudio Vargas: the WHIP is of concern, but he is looking very solid as a top 35 pitcher thus far

Bell: one of those middle relief guys who is proving his mettle so far
in San Diego, although he has allowed 3 ERs in his last two appearances

Matthews, Jr.: his numbers are improving as is his status in fantasy
this year… a lot of people thought last year was an aberration (and
largely due to playing in a band box). Maybe. But, not yet.

Sell High

Hudson: still near the top of the heap (but dropped down to #2 since
the end of April, behind Peavy), but I just can’t convince myself that
this guy is for real

Lilly/Jason Marquis: how can these guys keep it up when notwitshatdning
their great pitching, the Cubs are still sitting sub .500

Tom Gorzellany/Braden Looper: just haven’t bought these guys (both currently in the top 10)

Hendrickson: can’t imagine you would get much for him unless it was an
NL only league (and, in this case, I might hold onto him)

Buy Low

Dontrelle Willis

Scott Olsen

Carlos Zambrano: may be too late here because of his game yesterday

Howard: Prime time right now. I just traded John Lackey and Jermaine
Dye for Ryan Howard, Alex Rios, and Justin Duchscherer. I think this is
a STEAL (I didn’t like giving up Lackey, but I couldn’t resist taking
advantage of an impatient manager)

Adam Eaton: he is better than his 6.42 ERA… so this means decent pitching the rest of the way

Wells: riskier pick, but the Cards have to start playing better
eventually… and his 1-7 record is bound to improve… I see
improvement here all the way around, and if I could give up little for
the gamble and I was desperate for starting pitching, I might look here

Young: his fantasy manager in your league may be impatient with him…
don’t sell too much, though, but I believe his .241 BA is bound to

Cano: look, I didn’t expect him to hit .342 this season, but he DID hit
there last year, and he is now hitting around .237 — find that
impatient manager

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