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PlayerTrack Report for 5/15/07

Well, we are approximately a quarter through the season, and using PlayerTrack.com,I will be providing our faithful listeners/readers with some "under the
radar" and "sell high-buy low" picks in hitting and pitching each time
I do a PlayerTrack update.

Under the Radar

Hunter: sure, he is no sleeper, but would you be surprised to learn
that he currently ranks #2 of ALL players in 5×5, just behind Arod as
of 5/15?

Edgar Renteria: continues his excellent fantasy play with a 2 HR game yesterday

B.J. Upton: drops 4 spots from the end of April, but he still looks fantastic, and his value may not be appreciated yet

Adam Dunn: 6 SBs?  And a .271 average?

Byrnes: A Gregg Keer favorite, and he is proving why so far this year,
rising in the rankings 16 spots since the end of April

Mike Lowell: Surprisingly looking like the guy everybody wanted when he was in Florida a few years ago…

Ted Lilly: rises in the rankings 2 spots as the third best 5×5 pitcher in all of baseball so far

Jason Marquis: what the heck are they feeding the Cubs’ pitchers?

Hill: rises 4 spots in the rankings since the end of April, and sits in
the top 20, but unfortunately, he has some injury woes and will likely
miss quite a lot of time in the near future

Hendrickson: Top 20 so far… saw him pitch against the Brewers a few
weeks ago, and I have to tell you he looked very good out there…

Claudio Vargas: the WHIP is of concern, but he is looking very solid as a top 35 pitcher thus far

Bell: one of those middle relief guys who is proving his mettle so far
in San Diego, although he has allowed 3 ERs in his last two appearances

Matthews, Jr.: his numbers are improving as is his status in fantasy
this year… a lot of people thought last year was an aberration (and
largely due to playing in a band box). Maybe. But, not yet.

Sell High

Hudson: still near the top of the heap (but dropped down to #2 since
the end of April, behind Peavy), but I just can’t convince myself that
this guy is for real

Lilly/Jason Marquis: how can these guys keep it up when notwitshatdning
their great pitching, the Cubs are still sitting sub .500

Tom Gorzellany/Braden Looper: just haven’t bought these guys (both currently in the top 10)

Hendrickson: can’t imagine you would get much for him unless it was an
NL only league (and, in this case, I might hold onto him)

Buy Low

Dontrelle Willis

Scott Olsen

Carlos Zambrano: may be too late here because of his game yesterday

Howard: Prime time right now. I just traded John Lackey and Jermaine
Dye for Ryan Howard, Alex Rios, and Justin Duchscherer. I think this is
a STEAL (I didn’t like giving up Lackey, but I couldn’t resist taking
advantage of an impatient manager)

Adam Eaton: he is better than his 6.42 ERA… so this means decent pitching the rest of the way

Wells: riskier pick, but the Cards have to start playing better
eventually… and his 1-7 record is bound to improve… I see
improvement here all the way around, and if I could give up little for
the gamble and I was desperate for starting pitching, I might look here

Young: his fantasy manager in your league may be impatient with him…
don’t sell too much, though, but I believe his .241 BA is bound to

Cano: look, I didn’t expect him to hit .342 this season, but he DID hit
there last year, and he is now hitting around .237 — find that
impatient manager

You can draw your own conclusions by joining PlayerTrack.com
for the remainder of the season for $7.99. If you are a current
subscriber, the updates for the season are included in your membership.


BaseballGeeks VodCast#1: PlayerTrack Top 10 Fantasy 1B

Some interesting names here because it includes pro-rated stats of those who had as few as 1 AB in the MLB.  PlayerTrack.com allows you to adjust the ABs with a paid subscription.

Comments, suggestions, feel free to email.  Gregg and I are starting Season 2 of the BaseballGeeks podcast this weekend.

Your Turn: Fantasy Question of the Day

Chris P. from Chicago, asks:
Hey Guys,
I had asked many questions, and I thank you for your input. Fortunately, I’ve been extremely active since our draft, and I’ve shored up some major weaknesses. After the draft my core SP’s were Smoltz and Bonderman, and my starting 3B was Garciaparra. Though I’ve lost Matsui and some depth at CL, I’ve parlayed these trades into what I now think is a very competitive roster.
Anyways, my question is… Do you see any holes/situations I should be keeping my eye on? It’s extremely early, but I want to avoid playing catch-up later.

PS – Sorry for all the information, but I just wanted to be as understandable as possible. I hope I made it easy to look at, and I’m sorry to make you guys see yet another complete roster listing.

10×10 Mixed 12-Team Daily Yahoo! Rotisserie League
Extra Categories…
Hitting (1B, 2B, 3B, BB, K)
Pitching (L, CG, BB, Holds, WHIP)
C/1B/2B/SS/3B/OF/OF/OF/UT = 162
5 SP/5 RP = 1475 Max IP
C – M. Barrett
1B – T. Helton
2B – C. Utley
SS – M. Young
3B – C. Jones (DL)
OF – L. Berkman
OF – J. Pierre
OF – C. Granderson
UT – T. Glaus
Bench – B. Molina
Bench – J. Hermida
Bench – W. Pena

SP – R. Halladay
SP – J. Schmidt
SP – J. Smoltz
SP – J. Bonderman
SP – K. Wood (DL)
SP – J. Blanton
RP – H. Street
RP – T. Jones (DL)
RP – S. Linebrink
RP – J. Duscherer
RP – F. Rodney
Bench – K. Calero
Bench – S. Kline

Rob’s response:

This is a good squad. The problem, as I am sure you know, is injury
risk. I also think you are one starter away from greatness, which is
an opinion that I am wrong about if Jason Schmidt can return to his
old ways (and I don’t think this will happen).

I might try and shop Schmidt to the highest bidder if his next outing
is a really good one. I imagine Gregg would disagree with me here
because he has Schmidt in our money league. ūüôā

Obviously, you have to fill your 3B spot with Glaus now… and I would
probably put Hermida in the UT spot because I think he is due, until
Jones comes back.

May Halladay, Glaus, Berkman, Chipper, and Wood stay/get healthy for
you, and good luck!



Your Turn: How would you respond?

New idea here.  We will post a fantasy question that we have received, include our email response… and you add your own suggestion or critique.

Today’s email:

Tyler asks: "I was proposed a trade in which i get Todd
Helton and Brian Roberts for David Ortiz. Would you do this or is Ortiz
too valuable to give up?"

Rob replies:

"Speaking for Gregg, I can tell you that he would put up the red flag.

I would probably take some time to think about this versus what my needs are.

I really like both Helton and Roberts.  Helton had an amazing
second half last year.  He will get you great AVG, and he will be
solid in all categories.  Roberts had a horrific second half last
year compared to his first.  Still, my player ranking system at
playertrack.com has him rated as the #1 2B in 2005 fantasy 5×5 (even
ahead of Utley).  This is in large part to the 27 SBs (I think
that is right) he got last year.  I still believe that Roberts
will be a top 5 fantasy 2B when the season is over.

If you need SBs, this is probably a good deal for you.  Ortiz, in
my view, was even more valuable without a signed extension to his
contract.  One has to wonder if the 30-year old could get a little
lax with this new, hefty $50,000,000 extension.

In the end, Ortiz is so good in all cats but SBs, that it would be hard
for me to give him up, even considering the above analysis.  This
is especially true because the season is still so young, and I would
want to take advantage of the HR barrage I can get from Ortiz.

Final analysis (and I am including Gregg’s projected thoughts here): stay put."

Your thoughts?


On 4/12/06, Tyler Mintz <eagleye290@yahoo.com> wrote:


I was proposed a trade in which i get Todd\nHelton and Brian Roberts for David Ortiz. Would you do this or is Ortiz\ntoo valuable to give up?


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Potential Fantasy Mistake of the Week

In this week’s BGP (Baseball Geeks Podcast), I prognosticated that this was going to be a very good week for Magglio Ordonez, Prince Fielder, Dan Johnson, and Edwin Encarnacion.

I have Edwin on my money league team.

Now, the jury is still out on my other selections, but I kicked myself when I realized that I didn’t follow my own advice.  Edwin hits a grand slam yesterday in his first game of the week.  The lesson for me: listen to my own podcast after it hits the internet and follow the advice contained. ūüôā

View a 2006 serpentine draft in action…

Here is how last night’s draft played out, for those curious how a 20-team draft — this year — could turn out.  I have bolded prospects and surprises.

1.      √Ā. Rodr√≠guez      Free Swingers
2.     A. Pujols     Greenville S…
3.     Jo. Santana     No Son Banditos (high)
4.     V. Guerrero     ShawnD’s Zom…
5.     M. Teixeira     Beach Road
6.     D. Ortiz     Brahma Bulls
7.     C. Crawford     NL Only Nitros
8.     D. Wright     Yerevan Yak …
9.     M. Ram√≠rez     J-Rockstars
10.     Mi. Cabrera     Hunting for …
11.     P. Mart√≠nez     SteveP
12.     D. Lee     Boston Beans
13.     B. Abreu     BaseballGeek
14.     M. Tejada     Riff Raff
15.     M. Young     Jorge Regulas
16.     C. Beltr√°n     Double Down
17.     D. Jeter     Anger Manage…
18.     J. Bay     Spanish Inqu… (low)
19.     C. Carpenter     BansheeTrigger
20.     M. Prior     Barniciro’sB… (high)

Round 2

21.     A. Ram√≠rez     Barniciro’sB…
22.     G. Sheffield     BansheeTrigger
23.     C. Utley     Spanish Inqu… (low)
24.     V. Mart√≠nez     Anger Manage…
25.     A. Dunn     Double Down
26.     I. Suzuki     Jorge Regulas
27.     J. Peavy     Riff Raff
28.     R. Oswalt     BaseballGeek
29.     A. Soriano     Boston Beans
30.     B. Lidge     SteveP
31.     C. Figgins     Hunting for …
32.     R. Halladay     J-Rockstars
33.     J. Reyes     Yerevan Yak …
34.     T. Helton     NL Only Nitros
35.     R. Johnson     Brahma Bulls
36.     A. Jones     Beach Road
37.     H. Blalock     ShawnD’s Zom…
38.     L. Berkman     No Son Banditos
39.     M. Rivera     Greenville S…
40.     R. Sexson     Free Swingers

Round 3

41.     R. Harden     Free Swingers
42.     T. Hafner     Greenville S…
43.     C. Zambrano     No Son Banditos
44.     Cliff Lee     ShawnD’s Zom… (what the ****?)
45.     Fr. Rodr√≠guez     Beach Road
46.     B. Sheets     Brahma Bulls
47.     B. Wagner     NL Only Nitros
48.     C. Delgado     Yerevan Yak …
49.     J. Smoltz     J-Rockstars
50.     J. Rollins     Hunting for …
51.     J. Patterson     SteveP
52.     C. Cordero     Boston Beans
53.     J. Mauer     BaseballGeek
54.     B. Bonds     Riff Raff
55.     P. Konerko     Jorge Regulas
56.     J. Kent     Double Down
57.     J. Nathan     Anger Manage…
58.     D. Willis     Spanish Inqu…
59.     R. Furcal     BansheeTrigger
60.     J. Pierre     Barniciro’sB…

Round 4

61.     E. Ch√°vez     Barniciro’sB…
62.     R. Howard     BansheeTrigger
63.     G. Sizemore     Spanish Inqu…
64.     H. Street     Anger Manage…
65.     S. Podsednik     Double Down
66.     M. Giles     Jorge Regulas
67.     F. Hern√°ndez     Riff Raff
68.     F. L√≥pez     BaseballGeek
69.     E. Gagne     Boston Beans
70.     A. Rowand     SteveP
71.     V. Wells     Hunting for …
72.     J. Damon     J-Rockstars
73.     J. Cant√ļ     Yerevan Yak …
74.     J. Schmidt     NL Only Nitros
75.     J. Beckett     Brahma Bulls
76.     B. Col√≥n     Beach Road
77.     H. Matsui     ShawnD’s Zom…
78.     B. Ryan     No Son Banditos
79.     S. Rolen     Greenville S…
80.     J. L√≥pez     Free Swingers

Round 5

81.     M. Ord√≥√Īez     Free Swingers (he will be great; thought I could get him later)
82.     B. Roberts     Greenville S…
83.     C. Schilling     No Son Banditos
84.     A. Huff     ShawnD’s Zom…
85.     C. Floyd     Beach Road
86.     J. Isringhausen     Brahma Bulls
87.     M. Holliday     NL Only Nitros
88.     Carlos Lee     Yerevan Yak …
89.     M. Ensberg     J-Rockstars
90.     M. Buehrle     Hunting for …
91.     S. Kazmir     SteveP (high)
92.     J. Edmonds     Boston Beans
93.     C. Jones     BaseballGeek
94.     J. Giambi     Riff Raff
95.     P. Burrell     Jorge Regulas
96.     M. Mora     Double Down
97.     C. Crisp     Anger Manage…
98.     J. Peralta     Spanish Inqu…
99.     A. Pettitte     BansheeTrigger
100.     J. Thome     Barniciro’sB…

Round 6

101.     T. Hunter     Barniciro’sB…
102.     T. Glaus     BansheeTrigger
103.     J. Morneau     Spanish Inqu… (high)
104.     N. Garciaparra     Anger Manage…
105.     B. Giles     Double Down
106.     A. B√©ltre     Jorge Regulas
107.     R. Weeks     Riff Raff
108.     M. Loretta     BaseballGeek
109.     T. Jones     Boston Beans
110.     G. Atkins     SteveP
111.     F. Cordero     Hunting for …
112.     D. Turnbow     J-Rockstars
113.     J. Hermida     Yerevan Yak … (a bit high)
114.     J. Lugo     NL Only Nitros
115.     B. Jenks     Brahma Bulls
116.     R. Winn     Beach Road
117.     R. Freel     ShawnD’s Zom… (high; will he even play that much?)
118.     C. Tracy     No Son Banditos
119.     T. Hoffman     Greenville S…
120.     C. Barmes     Free Swingers

Round 7

121.     R. Can√≥     Free Swingers
122.     B. Crosby     Greenville S…
123.     K. Griffey Jr.     No Son Banditos
124.     B. Webb     ShawnD’s Zom…
125.     A. Burnett     Beach Road
126.     J. Lane     Brahma Bulls
127.     R. Clemens     NL Only Nitros (risky, risky, risky… hinting at retirement or late start)
128.     J. Gomes     Yerevan Yak …
129.     √Č. Renter√≠a     J-Rockstars
130.     J. Lackey     Hunting for …
131.     T. Nixon     SteveP
132.     B. Hall     Boston Beans
133.     J. Drew     BaseballGeek
134.     A. Ben√≠tez     Riff Raff
135.     C. Sabathia     Jorge Regulas
136.     B. Zito     Double Down
137.     T. Iguchi     Anger Manage…
138.     J. V√°zquez     Spanish Inqu…
139.     B. Myers     BansheeTrigger
140.     K. Wood     Barniciro’sB…

Round 8

141.     E. Guardado     Barniciro’sB…
142.     F. Garc√≠a     BansheeTrigger
143.     J. Valverde     Spanish Inqu…
144.     T. Hudson     Anger Manage…
145.     T. Gordon     Double Down
146.     D. Haren     Jorge Regulas
147.     J. Francoeur     Riff Raff
148.     M. Gonz√°lez     BaseballGeek
149.     R. Dempster     Boston Beans
150.     W. Taveras     SteveP
151.     P. Fielder     Hunting for …
152.     K. Foulke     J-Rockstars
153.     B. Wilkerson     Yerevan Yak …
154.     P. Wilson     NL Only Nitros
155.     M. Lowell     Brahma Bulls
156.     I. Rodr√≠guez     Beach Road (late)
157.     B. Fuentes     ShawnD’s Zom…
158.     C. Ray     No Son Banditos
159.     N. Lowry     Greenville S…
160.     D. Davis     Free Swingers

Round 9

161.     J. Blanton     Free Swingers
162.     Z. Duke     Greenville S…
163.     K. Escobar     No Son Banditos
164.     E. Bedard     ShawnD’s Zom…
165.     P. Polanco     Beach Road
166.     K. Mench     Brahma Bulls
167.     E. Encarnaci√≥n     NL Only Nitros
168.     J. Varitek     Yerevan Yak … (very late for top PlayerTrack.com 2005 Catcher)
169.     J. Posada     J-Rockstars
170.     J. Bonderman     Hunting for …
171.     K. Greene     SteveP
172.     K. Johjima     Boston Beans
173.     J. Garland     BaseballGeek
174.     S. Hillenbrand     Riff Raff
175.     B. Wickman     Jorge Regulas
176.     J. Contreras     Double Down
177.     J. Weaver     Anger Manage…
178.     G. Jenkins     Spanish Inqu…
179.     M. Mulder     BansheeTrigger
180.     M. Bradley     Barniciro’sB… (late; this is his year, folks)

Round 10

181.     K. Millwood     Barniciro’sB… (late, considering Kazmir went before him)
182.     G. Anderson     BansheeTrigger
183.     B. Penny     Spanish Inqu…
184.     F. Liriano     Anger Manage…
185.     J. Willingham     Double Down

186.     L. Hern√°ndez     Jorge Regulas
187.     R. Hern√°ndez     Riff Raff
188.     M. Jacobs     BaseballGeek
189.     D. Dellucci     Boston Beans
190.     C. Reitsma     SteveP
191.     M. Cain     Hunting for …
192.     E. Santana     J-Rockstars
193.     C. Orvella     Yerevan Yak …
194.     Od. P√©rez     NL Only Nitros
195.     L. Castillo     Brahma Bulls
196.     P. Feliz     Beach Road
197.     O. Cabrera     ShawnD’s Zom…
198.     B. McCann     No Son Banditos
199.     R. Iba√Īez     Greenville S…
200.     J. Westbrook     Free Swingers

Round 11

201.     Ol. P√©rez     Free Swingers
202.     J. Michaels     Greenville S…
203.     I. Kinsler     No Son Banditos
204.     M. Barrett     ShawnD’s Zom…
205.     C. Guill√©n     Beach Road
206.     J. Gathright     Brahma Bulls
207.     S. Casey     NL Only Nitros
208.     C. Young     Yerevan Yak …
209.     L. Overbay     J-Rockstars
210.     M. MacDougal     Hunting for …
211.     S. Linebrink     SteveP
212.     R. Sanders     Boston Beans
213.     J. Hardy     BaseballGeek
214.     P. Byrd     Riff Raff
215.     M. Piazza     Jorge Regulas
216.     J. Borowski     Double Down
217.     J. Gibbons     Anger Manage…
218.     C. Shelton     Spanish Inqu…
219.     S. Green     BansheeTrigger
220.     C. Capuano     Barniciro’sB…

Round 12

221.     A. Harang     Barniciro’sB…
222.     B. Clark     BansheeTrigger
223.     R. Zimmerman     Spanish Inqu…
224.     Mi. Sweeney     Anger Manage…
225.     D. Weathers     Double Down
226.     Lu. Gonz√°lez     Jorge Regulas
227.     J. Guill√©n     Riff Raff
228.     S. Shields     BaseballGeek
229.     E. Loaiza     Boston Beans
230.     A. Pierzynski     SteveP
231.     N. Swisher     Hunting for …
232.     R. Baldelli     J-Rockstars
233.     B. McCarthy     Yerevan Yak …
234.     C. Biggio     NL Only Nitros
235.     J. Dye     Brahma Bulls (very late for 31 HRs)
236.     D. Roberts     Beach Road
237.     R. Betancourt     ShawnD’s Zom…
238.     C. Patterson     No Son Banditos
239.     B. Molina     Greenville S…
240.     C. Monroe     Free Swingers

Round 13

241.     N. Johnson     Free Swingers
242.     W. Pe√Īa     Greenville S…
243.     C. Granderson     No Son Banditos
244.     M. Clement     ShawnD’s Zom…
245.     J. Lieber     Beach Road
246.     J. Uribe     Brahma Bulls
247.     M. Alou     NL Only Nitros
248.     M. Murton     Yerevan Yak …
249.     D. Cabrera     J-Rockstars

250.     A. Kearns     Hunting for …
251.     J. Rinc√≥n     SteveP
252.     G. Maddux     Boston Beans
253.     J. Duchscherer     BaseballGeek
254.     D. Johnson     Riff Raff
255.     A. Boone     Jorge Regulas
256.     A. Reyes     Double Down
257.     D. DeJes√ļs     Anger Manage…
258.     J. Verlander     Spanish Inqu…
259.     M. Ellis     BansheeTrigger
260.     J. Vidro     Barniciro’sB…

Round 14

261.     K. Farnsworth     Barniciro’sB…
262.     D. B√°ez     BansheeTrigger
263.     R. Soriano     Spanish Inqu…
264.     B. Radke     Anger Manage…
265.     C. Sullivan     Double Down
266.     D. Lowe     Jorge Regulas
267.     D. Wheeler     Riff Raff
268.     J. Payton     BaseballGeek
269.     M. Cameron     Boston Beans
270.     C. Burke     SteveP
271.     J. Crede     Hunting for …
272.     J. Papelbon     J-Rockstars
273.     M. Mussina     Yerevan Yak …
274.     C. Duffy     NL Only Nitros
275.     J. Kendall     Brahma Bulls
276.     J. Seo     Beach Road
277.     R. Madson     ShawnD’s Zom…
278.     M. Morris     No Son Banditos
279.     J. Towers     Greenville S…
280.     E. Brown     Free Swingers

Round 15

281.     K. Rogers     Free Swingers
282.     C. Jackson     Greenville S…
283.     D. Young     No Son Banditos
284.     B. Chen     ShawnD’s Zom…
285.     D. Hermanson     Beach Road
286.     D. Erstad     Brahma Bulls
287.     C. Resop     NL Only Nitros
288.     T. Wakefield     Yerevan Yak …
289.     R. Langerhans     J-Rockstars
290.     S. Baker     Hunting for …
291.     J. Jones     SteveP
292.     D. Eckstein     Boston Beans
293.     A. Eaton     BaseballGeek
294.     J. Reed     Riff Raff
295.     J. Crain     Jorge Regulas
296.     √Ā. R√≠os     Double Down
297.     L. Hawkins     Anger Manage…
298.     F. Cabrera     Spanish Inqu…
299.     B. Howry     BansheeTrigger
300.     R. Doumit     Barniciro’sB…

Round 16

301.     C. Wilson     Barniciro’sB…
302.     R. Barajas     BansheeTrigger
303.     K. Lofton     Spanish Inqu…
304.     C. Kotchman     Anger Manage…
305.     D. Bush     Double Down
306.     D. Wells     Jorge Regulas
307.     T. Glavine     Riff Raff
308.     R. Church     BaseballGeek
309.     G. Chac√≠n     Boston Beans
310.     T. Clark     SteveP
311.     P. Lo Duca     Hunting for …
312.     C. Politte     J-Rockstars
313.     A. Heilman     Yerevan Yak …
314.     J. Thomson     NL Only Nitros
315.     Lu. Gonz√°lez     Brahma Bulls
316.     J. Suppan     Beach Road
317.     R. Mackowiak     ShawnD’s Zom…
318.     B. Upton     No Son Banditos
319.     D. McPherson     Greenville S…
320.     J. Estrada     Free Swingers

Round 17

321.     V. Padilla     Free Swingers
322.     A. Marte     Greenville S…
323.     A. Kennedy     No Son Banditos
324.     B. Claussen     ShawnD’s Zom…
325.     M. Timlin     Beach Road
326.     J. Devine     Brahma Bulls
327.     M. Lieberthal     NL Only Nitros
328.     C. Hansen     Yerevan Yak …
329.     S. Chac√≥n     J-Rockstars
330.     J. Marquis     Hunting for …
331.     H. Ram√≠rez     SteveP
332.     B. Inge     Boston Beans
333.     J. Washburn     BaseballGeek
334.     C. Wang     Riff Raff
335.     R. Belliard     Jorge Regulas
336.     T. Bowyer     Double Down
337.     M. Kotsay     Anger Manage…
338.     K. Benson     Spanish Inqu…
339.     C. Counsell     BansheeTrigger
340.     P. Nevin     Barniciro’sB…

Round 18

341.     B. Tomko     Barniciro’sB…
342.     J. Burnitz     BansheeTrigger
343.     Y. Torrealba     Spanish Inqu…
344.     K. Youkilis     Anger Manage…
345.     S. Olsen     Double Down
346.     J. Valent√≠n     Jorge Regulas
347.     O. Dotel     Riff Raff
348.     O. Hudson     BaseballGeek
349.     Ja. Johnson     Boston Beans
350.     R. L√≥pez     SteveP
351.     J. Vargas     Hunting for …
352.     A. Miles     J-Rockstars
353.     A. LaRoche     Yerevan Yak …
354.     J. Spivey     NL Only Nitros
355.     A. Sisco     Brahma Bulls
356.     B. Donnelly     Beach Road
357.     X. Nady     ShawnD’s Zom…
358.     J. Williams     No Son Banditos
359.     R. White     Greenville S…
360.     √Ā. Berroa     Free Swingers

Round 19

361.     T. Walker     Free Swingers
362.     J. Sosa     Greenville S…
363.     R. Wagner     No Son Banditos
364.     P. Maholm     ShawnD’s Zom…
365.     R. Durham     Beach Road
366.     R. Adams     Brahma Bulls
367.     S. Williamson     NL Only Nitros
368.     R. Hill     Yerevan Yak …
369.     S. Stewart     J-Rockstars
370.     S. Mori     Hunting for …
371.     B. Arroyo     SteveP
372.     T. Womack     Boston Beans
373.     C. Everett     BaseballGeek
374.     B. Mueller     Riff Raff
375.     C. Silva     Jorge Regulas
376.     F. Thomas     Double Down (very late; angry at former team; something to prove)
377.     R. Se√°nez     Anger Manage…
378.     A. Burgos     Spanish Inqu…
379.     C. Lidle     BansheeTrigger
380.     C. Pavano     Barniciro’sB…

Round 20

381.     K. Matsui     Barniciro’sB…
382.     M. Batista     BansheeTrigger
383.     V. D√≠az     Spanish Inqu…
384.     R. Col√≥n     Anger Manage…
385.     √Āl. Gonz√°lez     Double Down
386.     J. Hairston Jr.     Jorge Regulas
387.     Z. Greinke     Riff Raff
388.     Y. Brazob√°n     BaseballGeek
389.     T. Ohka     Boston Beans
390.     B. Looper     SteveP
391.     M. Lawton     Hunting for …
392.     T. Lilly     J-Rockstars
393.     L. Matos     Yerevan Yak …
394.     B. Medders     NL Only Nitros
395.     C. Koskie     Brahma Bulls
396.     O. Vizquel     Beach Road
397.     K. Calero     ShawnD’s Zom…
398.     C. Blake     No Son Banditos
399.     E. Hinske     Greenville S…
400.     J. Encarnaci√≥n     Free Swingers

Okay, Fantasy Geeks… I need help

I had my first draft of the season tonight.  The Rotoman’s Regular’s League, where the pressure is on for  me, as I advertised PlayerTrack in Rotoman’s 2006 Fantasy Magazine.

Unfortunately, I was randomly selected to draft 13th in a 20 team league.  This is about the worst place you can start.  And, it shows.

So, at the risk of complete embarassment, I am posting this up for comments and ideas for improvement.  Any given daily roster can only have one of each infield position, three outfielders, 2 SPs, and I think one RP.

Lots of gambles here, and it was really garbage time at the end of the draft.

C: Joe Mauer
1B: Mike Jacobs
2B: Felipe Lopez
3B: Chipper Jones
SS: JJ Hardy
OF: Bobby Abreu
OF: J.D. Drew
OF: Jay Payton
UTIL: Mark Loretta
BN: Ryan Church
BN: Orlando Hudson
BN: Carl Everett
SP: Roy Oswalt
SP: Jon Garland
RP: Mike Gonzalez
RP: Scot Shields
P: Justin Duchscherer
P: Adam Eaton
P: Jarrod Washburn
BN: Yhency Brazoban

Cats: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP


Clearly, in saves, I am a dead man (for now).  And, without one of the big guys in SBs, I am middle of the pack there, at best.  Ideas for improvement?

Click here to read the Live Blog of the draft from earlier this evening…