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It has been awhile, so how about a look into the mailbag?

From Mark: What could the Astros get in return for Preston Wilson in a trade?  Also isthere any possibility that they might send him to AAA then bring him back up
in 2 weeks when rosters expand?

Not a heckuva lot.  Quite a few teams would be interested in
Wilson, I think, among those in contention… but Wilson is probably
only looking at a backup job, most likely and as Wilson would just be a
potential remedy in case something bad happens, I don’t think any teams
will be willing to give up anything substantial in return.

Off the top of my head, I could see Preston going to the White Sox as a
better OF backup than Rob Mackowiak.  If Podsednik, Dye, or Brian
Anderson go down, Wilson is a good option to have.

I am sure Cincy would be interested, as well, for the same
reasons.  They just picked up Hollandsworth and, as I intimated on
the last podcast, this shouldn’t make anyone in Cincy
comfortable.  Wilson would suitably fill the gap left when Krivsky
traded Kearns.

San Diego is a strong possibility for the same reasons.  Ben
Johnson is the backup there, and the older Giles and the perenially
injured Dave Roberts add a lot of risk.  Preston still has some
basepath speed (not like Roberts, of course), so he would be very
useful there.  In San Diego, though, his power numbers will likely

In the end, in all cases, I suspect Wilson (if he is taken at all) will
get a backup job, so as it relates to fantasy, he should not be someone
you are looking at unless you are really stacked, sitting high atop in
first place, and you’re looking to have some fun with a gamble.

I imagine that the Astros would have a chance of shoring up a decent middle infielder for Wilson, but probably nothing more.


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Bonds on Bonds

Okay, I finally sat down with my Tivo and watched last week’s show and tonight’s. A few observations.
Barry Bonds is one of my favorite all time players. I can forgive him for loving and playing on that lousy team up north.

The show, in my view, shows a very likeable side of the guy. I like that.

Still, if anyone has an immense hatred for the guy, I don’t think it will change anything.

If you watched tonight’s episode (episode 2), it became VERY clear to me that the TRADE BARRY Topps sign was, in some part, set-up by the producers of this show, as I suspected, and I’m a bit ticked off by that.

Why do I think that?

The ESPN cameras were there for the entire putting up and taking down of the sign… and then the putting up of the new Topps sign. At the very least, they were tipped off… and what would the incentive for Topps be to tip them off? Exposure, certainly… but something tells me some payola changed hands. Perhaps ESPN even paid for the adverts?

Angels snag Jeff Weaver

Huge signing for the Angels.  One year, $8.4 million, with incentives added.

I was of the belief that the Angels were going to be the doormat of the AL West this year.  No longer.

I still think that they need to get a power hitting outfielder (can you hear the words "SAMMY SOSA" amid the Santa Ana winds prevailing in Orange County?).

No respect for Sammy, and he rightfully rejects Nationals’ offer


the brief article linked at BaseballGeeks, it appears that the only thing in common that this
deal had with Frank Thomas’ deal with Oakland was the signing price.
Were the terms the same as the Thomas deal, the article says Sosa would
have signed.

I guess
that the incentives weren’t there, so I don’t blame Sosa for not
signing. What if he has this stellar season, helps the Nationals, and
is stuck with the paltry $500,000?